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"The best in the world got be the best by knowing the importance of coaching. Whether Olympic athletes or international symphonic musicians, coaching is crucial to the ongoing critique and fine-tuning of form, correction of habitual mistakes, and improvements in performance.

Chere is a highly knowledgeable and effective executive coach who knows the markets and recruitment strategies. What’s more, her supportive, uplifting style only motivates the student to want to do better the next time. She is the real deal!" Robert Copple, J.D. Ph.D. 

"Chere knows here stuff inside and out.  If you put her recommendations to work and follow her advice, you will find that your career path has landed in good hands and positive results are sure to follow."  Denise Gil

"I should have signed-up with Chere a long time ago. I would have had the job I wanted so many months before!" Tony S.


5 Steps to Beat Age Discrimination

Free Webinar
March 15
1:00 pm Pacific
2:00 Central/3:00 pm Eastern

Join us for this highly-informative session designed to assist you beating age discrimination in any setting.

You will learn how to:

  • Avoid age discrimination when writing your resume
  • Answer tough interview questions that make you stand out from the crowd
  • Avoid common phrases that are dating you
  • Stop encouraging age discrimination
  • Tell the difference if it's age discrimination or bad resume or interview
  • Write a LinkedIn profile that encourages potential employers to contact you immediately.

If you've ever walked away from an interview and suspected there was age discrimination, have your reviewed your answers? resume? dress? We'll show you how to present yourself so that age is never an issue again.

As a special bonus, you can sign up for a free 15 minute teleconference where we will review your resume!


Seating is limited to the first 100 sign-ups.

The recording of this webinar will be offered on

You Tube at LegalCareersRX

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Job Hunting  Coaching

How's that job search going? We can help.

Free Webinars

Job Search Coaching

Here's how we help:

We coach you in:

  • Writing a resume to get you in the door
  • Cover letters that gets read
  • Building a network that works for you
  • Dynamic LinkedIn profiles recruiters respond to
  • Overcoming age discrimination
  • Answering tough interview questions
  • Getting past the gate-keepers
  • Phone interviews
  • 10-10-10 Reports - The secret to acing the job
  • Moving up, over or out of the field

For a free 15 minute teleconference and review of your resume, contact us at: chere.estrin@legalcareersRx.net

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